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  • This website is here because of a love for art, interior design, architecture and books.   I was an Architect, sometimes with interior designers reporting to me, in my first career, a graphic artist in my second and am now retired.  My husband was an Insurance Industry VP but then an Art Dealer and Picture Framer in his second career. 
    We have both always loved reading and I, especially, have enjoyed illustrated books; I have a nearly full collection of Heritage Club Classic books (known for their book designs and original illustrations).  Although I have a wide taste in art, my favorites have always been etchings and woodcuts, usually in black and white, and usually old and original.  My least favorite art is what you can buy from big house art dealers.   
    This website combines my favorite things; etchings, wood engravings, interior design and book illustrations.  I am looking forward to my future discoveries; and have already found two new favorite artists while putting this site together; Nason and Daglish, both working in wood engraving.  Because I am now retired, there’s lots of time to wander around garage sales and antique malls.
    I am also a computer programmer with experience in designing web-sites.  So there you are, Art, Design, Programming, Books and Retirement.
    Most of these pieces are small and would look great in a kitchen, bathroom, hallway or den.  With a picture framer as a husband, I know how fantastic one of these pieces can look when framed.  And with many art-loving friends, I know how nice it is to have art in the house that have subjects of interest to them.
    Please have as much fun looking at the art as I did finding it and I hope your clients love them as much as I do.
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