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125 Years Old

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Title: "Brownsville TX -- Mammoth Cannon Cast At Or Pitt Foundry"
Page Size: 11.75 in. Wide x 16.75 in. High
Note: This piece is double sided. When you buy one you get the other side too for the one price. This piece is old, we think was removed from a book and is torn in some places. This piece, though, can be framed with the tear barely showing. We have not fixed the tears because we do not know which side is being purchased. If you are unhappy with the piece, please return it. With all that said,this is a magnificent piece.
Artist: ? Unknown Artist (?-?)
On Back: Negro Recruits Taking The Cars For Murfreesboro Tenn To Join The Federal Army
Artist Nationality:
Printing Method: Engraving
Art Medium: Drawing
Date: 1893
Source: "The Soldier in our Civil War", 1893 by Various

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