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    We are selling original pieces of art, not scans.  You will not receive a computer file, but rather and original piece of art.  Artwork has been scanned to show on the website and are un-altered to best show their condition.  On some of the etchings, some color waves (moire pattern) may appear.  This is natural for scans of Black and White Art with close parallel lines, which etchings often have. 

    Sizes of Image/Page
    Sizes of the pages are given in inches and rounded to the nearest 1/4 inch.  They have been measured from the book itself and may be in portrait orientation, even if the image is in landscape orientation.  Some of the pages have been trimmed, so their size may differ slightly from that given for the page.

    Age and condition of prints
    The age of the piece is given if it is known.  If not, the age of the publication is given.  All these pieces are old and naturally show some wear.  All the scans are faithful and show the age.  These books were old and falling apart. No images have been deemed unframeable (the ones that were are not being sold here).

    We aim to only sell prints that are in the Public Domain, but if you feel that there is some copyright infringement on one of our offerings, please let us know.

    Our goal is to get the piece to you undamaged. We ship all pieces in archival quality plastic sleeves, within stiff cardboard mailing envelopes reinforced by 1/32" matt board.

    If you don't like what you receive, we will refund you the full price of the piece. We only ask that you pay the return postage, and return the piece to us in the same packaging so that it is not damaged.


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